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The first release by Yes Know. Thank you so much for all your incredible support in what I do.


released June 10, 2011

All music and lyrics by Sandy Gilfillan aka Yes Know except select lyrics on "Here" by Bjork, Bob Dylan, and Animal Collective.


all rights reserved



Yes Know

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Track Name: Here
when i walk to school
i walk the streets alone
warily avoiding the sidewalk lines
at the corner shops
my strangers yack away
all over the smell of their fresh brewed coffee
today has never happened
and that doesn't frighten me
he not busy being born's busy dying
it's all right here to live and learn
i'll alert the many
who'd love to hear you don't have to go to college
another time around
new tools to lock the ground
and sky into their own rhythm
connect up all the stars
color beyond the lines
pull together all your constellations
we're all just simply here
Track Name: Sooner or Later (By Storm)
i will never be your lie
so no more by your side
you'll come to your shit attitude
sooner or later
but I'll be through
you've got nerve
and I'll see this through
Track Name: Dynamics
don't you reach
your peak
in your flight
before you stabilize this night
with me
slow this dream
you with me
and forever last
Track Name: These Waiting Years
i don't want to write my eulogy
just to sing it for my own years and ears
but this ghost of meaning is all i've left to spare
a timely birth for what it is i deliver
yet all too distant for shallow listens
too personal for strangers
but then when i'm gone and it's forever
will you lend your soul for just two minutes
will the spirits tear and grant me heaven
or will i wait having tried
having failed for then as for now
oh these waiting years
Track Name: Drinks
jangling the clean
with a stereo to launch
in new zealand fervor
through this window
into the street
to shatter cymbals
into screams
and young fists into the walls
smoke from your cigarette
in the faces of old
and never nervous
cause the world is yours
so let's drink to the concussed
Track Name: Crumble or Flow
and when will these questions beat to us from home
all answers there but secretly never known
we'll tell ourselves we're there
but we'll not even dare
to take it on when we're low
find your inner life and let it go
become a sea a mountain let it show
that you can be all on your own
and never crumble or flow
Track Name: Somehow Together
what this place is
through the plate of glass
a mirror and a wall
a tree and the idea
a place, an angle
a world, a mind
an altered image in you
that i can never use
spawned from the same waters
both inches from the truth
but who may i find if not myself
to know these surroundings
here where we are
and breathe somehow together
to be your own guide
for a common truth unseen
but felt and affecting
only found somehow together
Track Name: In Balance
i am elsewhere
voices in the dark
play the void
places just for history
these waking dreams
not risking just ain't living at all
try to understand these things
or see your fall
always provoking
distances and nearer by
all inherited
patterns only shaded
words to go unheard
in curiosity
sneak across your globe
into your spine
adjust it to your surroundings
enlightening and staying
a comfort in balance
contentment in balance

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